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LIFE - Welfare Association

I T ' S    A L L    A B O U T    L I F E



“Promotion of intellectual, moral and physical development of the most vulnerable segment of the community, irrespective of color, cast, creed, race, religion, belief or ethnic background to produce a responsible and productive society”

LIFE “Literacy, Information, Family Health and Environment” is a non-governmental community based social welfare project working in urban & rural areas of Islamabad, Punjab, NWFP, Balochistan and earthquake hit areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. It is registered both at federal and provincial levels. LIFE started its operations in 2001 with a vision to become a role model for charities involved in supporting the social development including basic health care programs in rural areas on national and international level.

LIFE is committed to self sustainable development of vulnerable community through social mobilization in Primary Health Care (PHC) Programs so as to reduce their burden of diseases, thus leading to a productive society. It also forms an integral link between the community and government initiatives for the control of communicable diseases through supporting immunization programs.

LIFE now works in the areas of Reproductive Health, Nutrition, Women Development, Mother and Child Healthcare, Immunization, Injection Safety and HIV/AIDS awareness, through a multifaceted approach; trainings for NGO personnel at all levels on information and services on reproductive health care through a door-to-door, woman-to-woman approach, backed by out-reach clinics in the community and referrals to LIFE and government surgical centers promoting FP/RH.

LIFE has invested tremendously in its institutional development. The central office is ISO-9001:2000 & ISO:14001-2004 certified as well as it has created a positive environment for its staff keeping in view the challenging nature of work. Apart from self supported programs and projects under small public grants, LIFE also works in close collaboration with international agencies like WHO, UNICEF, GAVI & Others.

Brief history:

Life started its operations in year 2001 with establishment of a support program of 15 health care centres in Rawalpindi District. Several small and large scale projects were completed during 2004-08 in Balochistan, Punjab and AJK. As organization’s top management hailed from the province of Balochistan, therefore majority of our activities have been targeted on rural areas of this largely under-developed province.

Life has 268 registered members. It is managed by a fifteen (15) member executive body including an eight (08) member committee of office bearers (copies enclosed). Head office is situated at Islamabad. Furthermore, in its two branch offices at Lahore and Quetta, branch heads are appointed for local operations. Liaison district field offices are established for the purpose of specific projects only.
Total current on salary employed staff strength is Nineteen (19) in addition to 8 members of office bearers.

The overall GOAL of LIFE is to promote gender equality, maternal / child health and prevention of HIV enabling our country to achieve MDG 3, 4, 5 and 6. During 2010-13, LIFE intends to focus on three areas in particular;
i).     Gender Equality and Women Empowerment
ii)     Injection safety & safe blood transfusion practices
iii)    HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns (with vulnerable and high risk groups)

Financial Management/Accountability Capacity:
Life’s centralized financial management is done by the management board itself, under control of Finance Secretary of the organization. There is double entry system of book keeping which is maintained in accordance with IAS (International accounting standards).

General Auditing: Bi-annual internal audits are performed and annual external audit is done by A-Class certified chartered accountants and reports being published.

Project Auditing: Each project is audited separately and separate audit reports are issued. A consolidated report of all the projects is also prepared by the IFA approved auditors. The auditors express their independent opinion on the financial statements. They also ascertain the extent of compliance to various donor requirements as well as to the various legal requirements. Before issuance of final audit report, the auditors issue a Management/Board Letter highlighting the key findings during their course of audit. For each project three original copies of the audit report are issued. One copy is sent to the respective donor and the rest are kept by LIFE.
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