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Workers from the community are selected and trained with comprehensive training modules including issues of maternal, newborn & child health care, immunization schedules and practices, control of ARI and diarrhea diseases. LIFE has an expertise in the development of advocacy campaigns, which is being implemented in the safe injection policy, safe blood transfusion practices and tobacco control program.


Special teams visit the selected areas in addition to static health centres for support of immunization services. Major emphasis is placed to give routine immunization under EPI program so that population coverage could be increased. National EPI program is assisted during National Immunization Days & SNIDs for giving polio drops in under five population of the area.


Mothers and newborns are most vulnerable segments in Pakistani society. Pakistan ranks 3rd to 4th in the world in terms of maternal and newborn mortality rates. Thus maximum focus is given to this area through induction of local staff from the community of selected districts, which after training, play a pivotal role in referrals thus integrating the community with the public sector facilities through this Endeavour.


LIFE is presently running three health centres in the earthquake his areas of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in collaboration with the local administration to tehsil headquarter hospitals. Through these centres, apart from routine immunizations, basic health facilities are provided to the local population.


Advocacy campaigns are run through media and seminars for the fortification of food with iron, iodine, vitamins A and vitamin D.


Vocational training and community based rehabilitation particularly of women through training & provision of basic requirement such as sewing machine is carried out in the community for the self sustained development of society. This program of basic Development Need (BDN) is carried out with the support of world Health Organization.


Life offers free internships to undergraduate students of various institution, through which advocacy campaigns are run thus creating awareness in students & of course in the community. The collaboration with other nongovernmental organization and international agencies is carried out at different forms for the uplift of society.


LIFE intends to extend its services to the rural areas of Islamabad District, which has population of around 500,000. In spite of part of the capital district, the health status of rural population is at the lowest ebb. The health indices of maternal & newborn are very poor; there is high prevalence of infections like HBV & HCV. The major causes are practices of unsafe blood transfusion and a high rate of prescribing injections to the community.

LIFE intends to focus on three areas in particular i.e.

i). Maternal & newborn health.
ii). Injection safety & safe blood transfusion practices and
iii). Augmentation of routine immunization to children and tetanus toxoid to pregnant motherís.

LIFE will develop a training facility with comprehensive program of training modules to different levels of community health workers. The approach of LIFE will be target and results based so that a visible improvement may occur in the health of surrounding rural population of Islamabad in terms of maternal & newborn health indices, and practices of safe blood transfusion & safe injection policy. The training component encompasses:

a) Training of local birth attendants in the safe & clean delivery
b) Antenatal counseling about nutrition, breast feeding and tetanus toxoid vaccination
c) Support of routine EPI immunization to increase the coverage to at least above 70%, which currently around 50%
d) Emphasis on family planning in collaboration with other NGOs
e) An audit of giving injection by all care providers including physician and paramedics for various aliments. The data from Pakistan suggest that is an urgent need to reduce the number of injection per person per year from 14 to at least 4 which is a benchmark in the WHO EMRO region. A comprehensive advocacy campaign will be launched in the rural areas of Islamabad so that the menace of infection like HBV, HCV & HIV and other transmissible diseases through unhealthy injection and blood transfusion practices could be controlled.

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